WRITER OF THE WEEK  Although Edward Gorey is best known as an illustrator – he created the opening titles for the PBS series Mystery! and even won a Tony for designing a Broadway production of Dracula – he also often wrote stories to accompany his distinctive art.  You can read some of this writing in Amphigorey Also at the library.


FAMILY BOOK CLUB  We’ll be reading and discussing Call of the Wild by Jack London this Thursday the 22nd at 4:30 PM.


DOGS  Ever want to meet a sled dog?  You’ll get the chance this Thursday the 22nd at 5 PM.  Local musher and Iditarod veteran Spencer Thew will be at the library to give a talk about this snowy sport and answer all your questions.  This event is for children ages 7 and up.  Don’t miss it!

REGULAR PROGRAMS  Music and Movement for toddlers is Tuesday at 10 AM.  Story Time for ages 3 – 6, with picture books and crafts, is on Wednesday and Saturday at 10:30 AM.  Individualized drop-in computer help will be next Tuesday the 27th from 6 – 7 PM.  Call the library or check out our website for all the details on all of our upcoming events. 


JUST ARRIVED  With the Pyeongchang Olympic Games in full swing, you might be interested in checking out some books on athletics.  Norwich explores a small Vermont town that has produced the highest concentration of Olympic athletes of any community in the United States, focusing on the attitudes that propel their rise in a variety of sports.  In Endure, Alex Hutchinson investigates the interplay of mind and body, wondering just how far the human body can be pushed.  Focusing more on politics than sports, Berlin 1936 uses the brief opening offered by the Summer Olympics to peer inside Germany just before World War II.  While the Winter Olympics rely on ice and snow, you can also learn more about water in its liquid form this week.  Start out above the waves with The Seabird’s Cry to follow the lives of puffins and more, then come back to earth in The Source: How Rivers Made America and America Remade Its Rivers to discover the history of our country’s waterways.  The river in Francisco Cantú’s The Line Becomes a River is a metaphor as well as physical body; the book chronicles the author’s time as a border patrol agent in the southwestern desert.  Finally, Saving Tarboo Creek tells the story of one family’s efforts to restore a ragged scrap of land to ecological wholeness. 


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