SCAVENGER HUNT  Children can help us track down a misbehaving leprechaun this Saturday the 16th at 1 PM.  We’ll have games and green eats for the lucky detectives.


SOCIAL HOUR  Join us for coffee, treats, and conversation this Wednesday the 13th at 2 PM.


ADULT CRAFT  In honor of the approaching Spring we’ll be making a floral craft this Thursday the 14th at 2 PM.

REGULAR PROGRAMS  Music and Movement for toddlers is Tuesday at 10 AM.  Stories and Songs, for ages 2 – 4, is on Saturdays at 10:30 AM.  Call the library or check online for all of the details on all of our upcoming events. 

JUST ARRIVED  Plan out your next vacation with Seth Kugel’s Rediscovering Travel – or, rather, skip most of the planning and relearn the joys of spontaneous discovery in new places.  You can also pick up some inspiration from Gardenlust, by Christopher Woods, or Europe: A Natural History by Tim Flannery.  We have three new books on World War II: Spearhead, by Adam Makos, deals with an American tank gunnery team and the long-lasting effects of their war; Kevin Wilson’s Men of Air looks at bomber crews from the Royal Air Force; and The Darkest Year, by William Klingaman, examines the American home front in 1941 and 1942.  Learn about John Bell Hatcher, a man who supplied fossils to many of the world’s museums, in King of the Dinosaur Hunters, by Lowell Dingus, or peek into the world of fashion with Isaac Mizrahi’s new autobiography.  In Together, writer Judy Goldman recalls her life with her husband before and after a medical procedure left him paralyzed.  Finally, in honor of Women’s History Month, check out three of our new titles.  Louisa on the Front Lines by Samantha Seiple recounts author Louisa May Alcott’s experience as a nurse in Washington, D.C. during the Civil War.  Kate Hubbard’s Devices and Desires traces the life of Bess of Hardwick, a countess and wealthy businesswoman in Elizabethan England.  Women Warriors, by Pamela D. Toler, recounts the often-hidden histories of women fighters, from the Middle East through the Vikings and on into more modern centuries.  In fiction this week, check out three new selections from our fantasy section.  The Priory of the Orange Tree, by Samantha Shannon, is a tale of queens, religions, dragons, and war.  Ann Leckie’s The Raven Tower also features a god, a warrior, and a quest for a throne.  Lastly, Marlon James’s Black Leopard, Red Wolf is the first in a trilogy based in African traditions.


We welcome your QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, CONCERNS, PURCHASE REQUESTS, AND PROGRAMMING IDEAS.  Contact us at 312 Washington Street, ogdlib@ncls.org, 315-393-4325, or through any of our social media sites (you can do a search for Ogdensburg Public Library or find the links on our website, ogdlib.org.)


REGULAR HOURS are 9 AM to 8 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM on Wednesday and Friday, and 9 AM to 3 PM on Saturday.  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at your library!