REGULAR PROGRAMS  Music and Movement for toddlers is Tuesday at 10 AM.  Stories and Songs, for ages 2 – 4, is on Saturdays at 10 AM.  There will be no drop-in computer help tonight.  Call the library or check online for all of the details on all of our upcoming events. 

JUST ARRIVED  We have new novels by James Patterson (The 18th Abduction,) Tad Williams (Empire of Grass,) Guy Gavriel Kay (A Brightness Long Ago,) Dean Koontz (The Night Window,) Ann Hillerman (The Tale Teller,) Michael Koryta (If She Wakes,) Jennifer Chiaverini (Resistance Women,) Jeffrey Deaver (The Never Game,) Elly Griffiths (The Stone Circle,) Patricia Briggs (Storm Cursed,) Janet Evanovich (The Big Kahuna,) and Danielle Steel (Blessing in Disguise.)  Disappearing Earth, by Julia Phillips, follows the aftereffects of the disappearance of two young girls in far northeastern Russia.  Max Porter’s Lanny also features a vanished young child, possibly kidnapped by a supernatural forest-dwelling being.  David Quantick’s All My Colors is about a man who plagiarizes a book that may or may not exist, while in Vessel by Lisa A. Nichols the sole survivor of a trip to another planet can’t remember what happen to her crew or how she returned.  In If You Cross the River by Geneviève Damas a boy tries to figure out why his father has restricted so much of his life, while a city dwelling boy searches for his neighbor’s missing caretaker in Catherine Ryan Hyde’s Have You Seen Luis Velez?.  A woman is charged with two murders she can’t remember committing in The Confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins.  In nonfiction, take a trip to the edge of the solar system with the Voyager probes and their golden records in Jonathan Scott’s The Vinyl Frontier or probe the mysteries of the universe in Anthony Aguirre’s Cosmological Koans.  If you’re more interested in the here-and-now, try Rob Walker’s The Art of Noticing and peer into baseball’s varied homes in Paul Goldberger’s Ballpark.  Discover novelist Gabriel García Márquez’s career in journalism with the selections in The Scandal of the Century, or discover forgotten crimes with Harper Lee (Casey Cep’s Furious Hours) or a former president (Theodore Roosevelt for the Defense by Dan Abrams.)  Learn about the history of medicine through its pharmaceutical discoveries in Thomas Hager’s Ten Drugs.  Finally, In Love with the World is the story of Buddhist master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche confronting his own lingering arrogance amidst a brush with death.

We welcome your QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, CONCERNS, PURCHASE REQUESTS, AND PROGRAMMING IDEAS.  Contact us at 312 Washington Street, ogdlib@ncls.org, 315-393-4325, or through any of our social media sites (you can do a search for Ogdensburg Public Library or find the links on our website, ogdlib.org.)


REGULAR HOURS are 9 AM to 8 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM on Wednesday and Friday, and 9 AM to 3 PM on Saturday.  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at your library!