WEEKLY QUOTE “The airplane stays up because it doesn't have the time to fall.” – Orville Wright, flight pioneer (born August 19, 1871)


CHILDREN’S CONCERT Take a Tromp Through the Swamp and a Break by the Lake with musician Tom Sieling this Thursday the 18th at 5 PM. Children and parents are invited – and will be expected to sing along. Stop by for fun!


KARATE AND DANCE We’ll be offering a free trial karate class for children this Saturday the 20th, and a free trial dance class next Saturday the 27th. Both sessions will be taught by local professionals who offer regular classes in Ogdensburg.

MOVIE NIGHT Movie night will be next Thursday the 25th at 5:30 PM. We’ll be watching a recent movie based on a popular video game. Popcorn and soda will be provided, so grab your friends and family and join us.


ELEVATOR Repairs to our exterior handicapped-accessible lift and interior elevator were completed last month. We will be hosting an open house in September to celebrate the completion of these two long-term projects. In the meanwhile, please feel free to visit the library and use these services as you need.


REGULAR PROGRAMS Music and Movement for toddlers is Tuesday at 10 AM. Story Time for ages 3 – 6, with picture books and crafts, is Wednesday at 10:30 AM. Drop-in computer help sessions will be this Saturday the 20th from 11 AM – 12 PM and Tuesday the 30th from 6 PM – 7 PM (a change from its normal date of the 23rd.) Call the library or check out our website for details on all of our upcoming events – weekly, monthly, or one-time-only.


JUST ARRIVED We’ve recently added DVD and Blu-Ray documentaries on everything from caffeine to baseball to forgery to the history of the American West. If you’ve watched every selection from our movie collection, why not try some entertaining nonfiction? As always, we have new books as well. With a little less than a week left in the Rio Olympics, read up on the history of this collection of sporting competitions in David Goldblatt’s The Games. For science buffs, check out Patient H. M., about a man whose case helped shape our understanding of memory, or try Idiot Brain for a more personal, everyday look at the way our minds function. Finally, The Grid offers a new look at America’s electrical present and future. Find these and more books waiting in our stacks for you.


We welcome your QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, CONCERNS, PURCHASE REQUESTS, AND PROGRAMMING IDEAS. Contact us at 312 Washington Street, ogdlib@ncls.org, 393-4325, or through any of our social media sites (you can do a search for Ogdensburg Public Library, or find the links on our website.)


WEEKLY HOURS are 9 AM to 8 PM Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM on Wednesday and Friday, and 9 AM to 3 PM on Saturday. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at your library!