Winter Weather and What it Means for your Library Visit

It's that time of year again.  The snow is blowing, the schools are closing.  Are we open?  
The library will be closed if the Ogdensburg School District is closed due to weather.  
Where can you find information about this? 
WWNYTV7's Closings and Cancellations:
WNCQ-FM 102.9 FM:
Ogdensburg School District:
Or another local news outlet of your choice
Or check our social media pages:

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The North Country Libraries App has information on events, closings, a digital library card option for you and other family members* for all the libraries in the North Country Library System.
You can download this app from the Apple and Google App Stores
Apple App Link:
Google App Link:
And last, but not least, there will be a notification on this page if the library is closed or delayed.  


2020 Scheduled Closings

January 1
January 20
February 17
April 10 - pm only
May 25
July 4
July 25
September 7
October 12
November 11
November 26, 27
December 24, 25, 26 and 31

* For Ogdensburg Public Library you will need to have permission to use another person's card in writing.  You may pick up a sheet at the Library.