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Adult Fiction (01/09) 

A Madness of Sunshine
Nalani Singh
The Heap
Sean Adams
You Were There Too
Colleen Oakley
A Beginning at the End Mike Chen
Big Lies in a Small Town
Diane Chamberlain
Guilty Not Guilty Felix Francis
Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick
Zora Hurston
Rye Curtis
Little Gods
Meng Jin
Night Theater Vikram Paralkar
Scarlett Thomas
Sketches of the Criminal World
Varlam Shalamov
The Decent Inn of Death
Rennie Airth
The Great Concert of the Night
Jonathan Buckley
The Hollows
Jess Montgomery
The Poison Garden
Alex Marwood
The Prized Girl
Amy Green
The Vanished Birds Simon Jimenez
A Long Petal of the Sea
Isabel Allende
House on Fire
Joseph Finder
My Red Heaven
Lance Olsen
Rita Woods
Small Days and Nights
Tishani Doshi
Stateway's Garden
Jasmon Drain
The Blaze
Chad Dundas
The Seep
Chana Porter
A Beautiful Crime
Christopher Bollen
A Dredging in Swann
Tim Garvin
Cartier's Hope
M.J. Rose
Cleaning the Gold
Karin Slaughter
Interior Chinatown
Charles Yu
Murder at the Capitol
C.M. Gleason
The Man Without Talent
Yoshiharu Tsuge
When You See Me
Lisa Gardner
Wicked Bite
Jeaniene Frost
The President's Room
Ricardo Romero
A Blight of Blackwings
Kevin Hearne
Dark Queen Waiting
Paul Doherty
Death in the Garden City
Jeanne Dams
Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line
Deepa Anappara
Luis Sagasti
Perfect Little Children
Sophie Hannah
The Authenticity Project
Claire Pooley
The Lost Book of Adana Moreau
Michael Zapata
The Museum of Desire
Jonathan Kellerman
Things in Jars
Jess Kidd
Trans(Re)lating House One
Poupeh Missaghi
The Aosawa Murders
Riku Onda


Adult Nonfiction (01/09)

Jonathan Waldman
The Math of Life and Death Kit Yates
The Passion Economy
Adam Davidson
Why We Can't Sleep
Ada Calhoun
Between Two Fires
Joshua Yaffa
Bubble in the Sun
Christopher Knowlton
John Buehrens
Educated for Freedom Anna Mae Duane
Extreme Economies Richard Davies
Lord of All the Dead
Javier Cercas
Pravda Ha Ha
Rory MacLean
State of War William Wheeler
The Stars in Our Pockets
Howard Axelrod
Nicholas Kristof
Trade is Not a Four Letter Word
Fred Hochberg
When It Was Grand
LeeAnna Keith
You Can Only Yell at Me for One Thing at a Time
Patricia Marx
American Queenmaker
Julie Des Jardins
And in the Vienna Wood the Trees Remain
Elisabeth Asbrink
Cat Tale Craig Pittman
Fight of the Century
Humble Pi Matt Parker
Modern Etiquette Made Easy
Myka Meier
Slaying Goliath
Diane Ravitch
The Longing for Less
Kyle Chayka
The Making of Poetry
Adam Nicolson
The New World Economy
Randy Epping
The Third Rainbow Girl
Emma Eisenberg
Gaia Vince
What's Your Pronoun
Dennis Baron
A Game of Birds and Wolves
Simon Parkin
A House in the Mountains
Caroline Moorehead
Arguing with Zombies
Paul Krugman
Black Wave
Kim Ghattas
Children of the Land
Marcelo Castillo
Lydia Denworth
Gay Like Me
Richie Jackson
Heart of Maleness
Raphael Liogier
David Marwell
My War Criminal
Jessica Stern
The Art of Resistance
Justus Rosenberg
The Bomb
Fred Kaplan
The House of Yan
Lan Yan
The Making of a Miracle
Mike Eruzione
The Sun and Her Stars
Donna Rifkind
Gilda Daniels
The Napoleonic Wars
Alexander Mikaberidze
The Presidential Fringe
Mark Stein
Taking Sexy Back
Alexandra Solomon
18 Tiny Deaths
Bruce Goldfarb
Anne Kim
Brother & Sister
Diane Keaton
Jeffrey Rediger
Dressed for a Dance in the Snow
Monika Zgustova
Eight Days at Yalta
Diana Preston
Election Meltdown
Richard Hasen
From Our Land to Our Land
Luis Rodriguez
How to Teach Philosophy to Your Dog
Anthony McGowan
Phantom Lady
Christina Lane
Race Against Time
Jerry Mitchell
Rough Ideas
Stephen Hough
The Big Goodbye
Sam Wasson
The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read
Philippa Perry
The Fire and the Darkness
Sinclair McKay
The Last Winter of the Weimar Republic
Rudiger Barth
The Professor and the Parson
Adam Sisman
The Scientist and the Spy
Mara Hvistendahl
We Keep Us Safe
Zach Norris
You Never Forget Your First
Alexis Coe
Mary Beth Norton
A Map is Only One Story
American Sherlock
Kate Dawson








C h ildren's (1/17)

The Bad Guys in Attack of the Zittens Aaron Blabey
The Princess in Black and the Bathtime Battle Shannon Hale
Dog Man 8 Dav Pilkey
I, Cosmo Carlie Sorosiak
Baby-sitters Little Sisters 1 Ann M. Martin
Notorious Gordon Korman
Real Pigeons Fight Crime! Andrew McDonald
The Old Truck Jarrett Pumphrey
Martin Mclean, Middle School Queen Alyssa Zaczek
Diana Princess of the Amazons Shannon Hale
Three Ways to Trap a Leprechaun Tara Lazar
Bear Goes Sugaring Maxell Eaton III
Concent (For Kids!) Rachel Brian
A Ride to Remember Sharon Langley
A Voice Named Aretha Katheryn Russell-Brown
Beehive Jorey Hurley
The Thief Knot Kate Milford
Fred's Big Feelings Laura Renauld
Go With the Flow Lily Williams


Teens' (1/17)

Furious Thing Jenny Downham
A Heart So Fierce and Broken Brigid Kemmerer
Jane Anonymous Laurie Faria Stolarz
City of Stone and Silence Django Wexler
Just Breathe Cammie McGovern
All The Days Past, All the Days to Come Mildred D. Taylor
The Night Country Melissa Albert
Wonder Woman Leigh Bardugo
This Light Between Us Andrew Fukuda
Me & Mr. Cigar Gibby Haynes
Dark and Deepest Red Anna-Marie McLemore
Lucky Caller Emma Mills