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Adult Fiction (09/06) 

Robin Sloan
An Excess Male
Maggie King
Solar Bones
Mike McCormack
Swallowing Mercury
Wioletta Greg
The Bloody Black Flag
Steve Goble
The Living Infinite
Chantel Acevedo
The Unquiet Grave
Sarhyn McCrumb
Sarah Miller
Keep Her Safe
Sophie Hannah
The Cuban Affair
Nelson DeMille
The Good People
Hannah Kent
The Ninth Hour
Alice McDermott
To Be Where You Are
Jan Karon
Savage Country
Robert Olmstead
Sleeping Beauties
Stephen King
Fresh Complaint
Jeffrey Eugenides
Manhattan Beach
Jennifer Egan
Merry and Bright
Debbie Macomber
Old Scores
Will Thomas
The Indigo Girl
Natasha Boyd
The Last Ballad
Wiley Cash
The Relive Box
T.C. Boyle
The Witches' Tree
M.C. Beaton
Winter Solstice
Elin Hilderbrand
Wolf's Revenge
Lachlan Smith
Danielle Steel
The Book of Swords
The Rules of Magic
Alice Hoffman
The Stone in the Skull
Elizabeth Bear
A Simple Wish
Charlotte Hubbard


Adult Nonfiction (09/06)

The Cowherd's Son
Rajiv Mohabir
Release Your Creativity
Rebecca Schweiger
The Encyclopedia of Animal Predators
Janet Dohner
The Fussy Cut Sampler
Nichole Ramirez
The Art of Living
Thich Nhat Hahn
Katie Luther
Ruth Tucker
The Visual Guide to Crazy Quilting Design
Sharon Boggon
The Quarterback Whisperer
Bruce Arians
The Art of Football
Michael Oriard
Shariah Law
Mohammad Kamali
Carol Mavor
Jules Fallon
The Language of Light
Gerald Shea
The Natural First Aid Handbook
Brigitte Mars
The Perfect Cookie
In Search of a Prophet
Paul-Gordan Chandler
The Republic for Which It Stands
Richard White
Women of Honor
Milka Kahn
Writing as a Path to Awakening
Albert DeSilver
The Fearless Benjamin Lay
Marcus Rediker
The Riviera Set
Mary Lovell
The Three Graces of Val-Kill
Emily Herring
When Violence Is the Answer
Tim Larkin
Pia Spry-Marques
The Battle of Peach Tree Creek
Earl Hess
A Grandfather's Lessons
Jacques Pepin
Calling a Wolf a Wolf
Kaveh Akbar
Cannabis for Chronic Pain
Rav Ivker
Rocket Fantastic
Gabrielle Calvocoresi
The Four Tendencies
Gretchen Rubin
The Origin of Others
Toni Morrison
A Force So Swift
Kevin Peraino
Michael Korda
Crucible of Faith
Philip Jenkins
From Global to Local
Finbarr Livesey
Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide
Patricia Banks
Lessons in Hope
George Weigel
Little Soldiers
Lenora Chu
Jessica Bruder
One Long Night
Andrea Pitzer
Significant Zero
Walt Williams
Sun in Days
Meghan O'Rourke
The Influential Mind
Tali Sharot
The Man from the Train
Bill James
The Odyssey of Echo Company
Doug Stanton
The Templars
Dan Jones
This Blessed Earth
Ted Genoways
We Need to Talk
Celeste Headlee
What Heaven Looks Like
James Elkins
Why Dinosaurs Matter
Ken Lacovara
The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Marta McDowell
Miss D and Me
Kathryn Sermak
A World of Three Zeros
Muhammad Yunus
Bhu Srinivasan
Dear Fahrenheit 451
Annie Spence
Brain Fagan
Hit Refresh
Satya Nadella
Light the Dark
Riot Days
Maria Alyonkhina
The Moosewood Restaurant Table
The New Wild West
Blaire Briody
The Woman Who Smashed Codes
Jason Fagone
True Gentlemen
John Hechinger
Future War
Robert Latiff
Hemingway at Eighteen
Steve Paul
Greater Gotham
Mike Wallace
Gregory Daddis
A Bold and Dangerous Family
Caroline Moorehead
A Moonless Starless Sky
Alexis Okeowo
Henry Marsh
Jonathan Eig
Ballad of the Anarchist Bandits
John Merriman
Bible Nation
Candida Moss
Born to be Wild
Jess Shatkin
From Here to Eternity
Caitlin Doughty
How the Right Lost Its Mind
Charles Sykes
Logical Family
Armistad Maupin
Kiern Setiya
Russel Brand
Alice Echols
So Great a Prince
Lauren Johnson
The Awakened Woman
Tererai Trent
The Big Chair
Ned Colletti
The Future is History
Masha Gessen
The Little Book of Black Holes
Steven Gubser
The Origins of Creativity
Edward Wilson
The Rise of Big Data Policing
Andrew Ferguson
The Year of the Pitcher
Sridhar Pappu
There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather
Linda McGurk
We Were Eight Years in Power
Ta-Nehisi Coates
What the Qur'an Meant
Garry Wills
White Mountain
Robert Twigger
Edward Struzik
Ageless Soul
Thomas Moore
Code Girls
Liza Mundy
Ron Chernow
Ellen Stern
Kenneth Whyte
Istanbul and Beyond
Robyn Eckhardt
Justice Failed
Alton Logan
Lost Kingdom
Serhii Plokhy
Red Famine
Anne Applebaum
Peter Ackroyd
The Education of a Young Poet
David Biespiel
The Road to Sleeping Dragon
Michael Meyer
The Shattered Lens
Jonathan Alpeyrie
Waiting for the Punch
Marc Maron
We Wear the Mask
Carey Gillam
Wild Horse Country
David Phillips
What Happened
Hillary Clinton


Children's (9/13)

The Scariest Book Ever Bob Shea
A Properly Unhaunted Place William Alexander
A Tale of Two Kitties Dav Pilkey
Mary McScary R. L. Stine
Warts and All Lori Haskins Houran
Auma's Long Run Eucabeth Odhiambo
Star Wars BB-8 on the Run Drew Daywalt
The Little Red Cat WHo Ran Away and Learned His ABC's (the hard way) Patrick McDonnell
Little I Michael Hall
Crazy About Cats Owen Davey
The Princess in Black and the Mysterious Playdate Shannon Hale
Max and Bird Ed Vere
All's Faire in Middle School Victoria Jamieson
Swing It, Sunny Jennifer L. Holm
Castle in the Stars Alex Alice
The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole Michelle Cuevas
Children of Refuge Margaret Peterson Haddix
Monster, Human, Other Laurel Gale


Teens' (9/13)

Megan E Bryant Glow
An Enchantment of Ravens Margaret Rogerson
Release Patrick Ness
Murder, Magic, and What We Wore Kelly Jones
Rebel Seoul Axie Oh
Spinning Tillie Walden
Odd & True Cat Winters
Shadowhouse Fall Daniel Jose Older
Warcross Marie Lu
When I Cast Your Shadow Sarah Porter
Landscape With Invisible Hand M. T. Anderson
They Both Die at the End Adam Silvera
Nothing Annie Barrows
Genuine Fraud E Lockhart
Wonder Woman Warbringer Leigh Bardugo
The Arsonist Stephanie Oakes