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Adult Fiction (06/04) 

Fantastic Hope
Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two
Ann Ross
The Book of Koli
M.R. Carey
Dead Land Sara Paretsky
Masked Prey
John Sandford
The Book of Longings Sue Kidd
The Moment of Tenderness
Madeleine L'Engle
Camino Winds
John Grisham
Little Family
Ishmael Beah
The Secrets of Love Story Bridge Phaedra Patrick
The Talented Mr. Varg
Alexander McCall Smith
The Wedding Dress
Danielle Steel
The 20th Victim
James Patterson
If It Bleeds
Stephen King
Book of the Little Axe
Lauren Francis-Sharma
Max Brooks
The Goodbye Man
Jeffrey Deaver
The Last Trial Scott Turow
The Library of Legends
Janie Chang
A Week at the Shore
Barbara Delinsky
Big Summer
Jennifer Weiner
The Queen's Secret
Karen Harper
To Wake the Giant
Jeff Shaara
The Jane Austen Society
Natalie Jenner
Seven Lies
Elizabeth Kay
Bombshell Stuart Woods
Credible Threat
JA Jance
Mrs. Lincoln's Sisters
Jennifer Chiaverini
The Indigo Ghosts
Alys Claire
The Voyage of the Morning Light
Marina Endicott
Daddy's Girls
Danielle Steel
Miss Cecily's Recipes for Exceptional Ladies
Vicky Zimmerman
Night Sleep Death The Stars
Joyce Oates
28 Summers
Elin Hilderbrand
Saving Ruby King
Catherine West
The Angel of the Crows
Katherine Addison
Home Before Dark
Riley Sager
The Empire of Gold
S.A. Chakraborty
Of Mutts and Men
Spencer Quinn
Linda Castillo
The Book of Dragons
The Patient
Jasper DeWitt


Adult Nonfiction (06/04)

Ian Zack
Why Fish Don't Exist Lulu Miller
Kid Quixotes
Stephen Haff
Sigh Gone
Phuc Tran
The Good Assassin
Stephan Talty
The Women with Silver Wings
Katherine Landdeck
Tom Clavin
Hunting the Unibomber Lis Wiehl
This is All I Got Lauren Sandler
Going Back
Mujen Al Muderis
And Then They Stopped Talking to Me
Judith Warner
Buddha Takes the Mound Donald Lopez Jr.
Death by Shakespeare
Kathryn Harkup
Officer Clemmons
Francois Clemmons
The Bird Way
Jennifer Ackerman
The Book of Eels
Patrik Svensson
The Hilarious World of Depression
John Moe
The Lincoln Conspiracy
Brad Meltzer
Who Ate the First Oyster
Cody Cassidy
Yes to Life Viktor Frankl
Enemy of All Mankind
Steven Johnson
Entangled Life Merlin Sheldrake
For All Who Hunger
Emily Scott
From Here to There
Michael Bond
Lou Gehrig
Alan Gaff
On Lighthouses
Jazmina Barrera
Sunny Days
David Kamp
The Language of Butterflies
Wendy Williams
The Museum of Whales You Will Never See
A. Greene
The World
Richard Haass
You're Doing Great
Tom Papa
Meredith Talusan
Love in the Blitz
Eileen Alexander
The Scourge of War Brian Reid
Dot Con
James Veitch
Rutger Bregman
The Change
Lori Sonderlind
The Remarkable Life of the Skin
Monty Lyman
Alaric the Goth
Douglas Boin
City on Fire
Antony Dapiran
Five Days
Wes Moore
The Biggest Bluff
Maria Konnikova
The Great Indoors
Emily Anthes
Everything is an Emergency
Jason Katzenstein
America Through Foreign Eyes
Jorge Castaneda
In the Land of Good Living
Kent Russell
Lady Romeo
Tana Wojczuk
Long Story Short
Mr Fish
Paying the Land
Joe Sacco
The Case of the Vanishing Blonde
Mark Bowden
The Cold Vanish
Jon Billman
The Rules of Contagion
Adam Kucharski
The Well-Gardened Mind
Sue Stuart-Smith

C h ildren's (6/24)

The Bad Guys in Superbad Aaron Blabey
The One and Only Bob Katherine Applegate
Llama Unleashes the Alpacalypse Jonathan Stutzman
Coral Molly Idle
Lone Wolf Sarah Kurpiel
Ray Marianna Coppo
Together We Grow Susan Vaught
I'm Trying to Love Rocks Bethany Barton
Brave Like That Lindsey Stoddard
Smart George Jules Feiffer
Doodleville Chad Sell
It's Not My Fault! Jory John
Curse of the Night Witch Alex Aster
Glitch Laura Martin
Love by Sophia Jim Averbeck
Raising Lumie Joan Bauer
The Problem With Problems Rachel Ronney

Teens' (6/24)

Check, Please! 2 Ngozi Ukazu
Clap When You Land Elizabeth Acevedo
We Are Not from Here Jenny Torres Sanchez
Everything's Not Fine Sarah Carlson
Burn Patrick Ness
A Song of Wraiths and Ruin Roseanne A Brown
You Should See Me in a Crown Leah Johnson
Where We Go from Here Lucas Rocha
My Calamity Jane Cynthia Hand
Agnes at the End of the World Kelly McWilliams
Hood Jenny Elder Moke
Dogchild Kevin Brooks
I'll Be the One Lyla Lee
Call Me American Abdi Nor Iftin
Sarah Bernhardt Catherine Reef
The Kinder Poison Natalie Mae
Seasons of the Storm Elle Cosimano
The Dark Tide Alicia Jasinska