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Adult Fiction (05/08) 

The Black Book
James Patterson
Take Us To Your Chief
Drew Taylor
Sara Paretsky
Brian Staveley
Into the Water
Paula Hawkins
The Broken Road
Richard Paul Evans
The Dinner Party
Joshua Ferris
The Garden of Small Beginnings
Abbi Waxman
A Dog's Way Home
W. Bruce Cameron
Since We Fell
Dennis Lehane
Anne Boleyn
Alison Weir
New Boy
Tracy Chevalier
No Middle Name
Lee Child
Same Beach Next Year
Dorothea Frank
Dragon Teeth
Michael Crichton
Clive Cussler
The Chalk Pit
Elly Griffiths
The Dispatcher
John Scalzi
Come Sundown
Nora Roberts
16th Seduction
James Patterson
Camino Island
John Grisham


Adult Nonfiction (05/08)

Set Your Voice Free
Roger Love
The Art of Spray Paint
Lori Simmer
Jennifer Lehr
Duct Tape Engineer
Lance Akiyama
Modern Triangle Quilts
Rebecca Bryan
Star Branch Spiral Fan
Yellena James
Knitting Details Start to Finish
Ulla Engquist
One Jump Ring
Lauren Andersen
101 Textures in Graphite & Charcoal
Steven Pearce
Bold Baby Crochet
Dedri Uys
AmiguruMe Pets
Allison Hoffman
Katie Fallon
The Garden Photography Workshop
Andrea Jones
Resilient Grieving
Lucy Hone
The South's Best Butts
Matt Moore
Dolly on Dolly
Ugly Prey
Emilie Lucchesi
Literary Yarns
Cindy Wang
Mockingbird Songs
Wayne Flynt
My Life With Bob
Pamela Paul
My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward
Mark Lukach
Raised by Animals
Jennifer Verdolin
Raven Rock
Garrett Graff
The Age of the Horse
Susanna Forrest
The History of the Future
Edward McPherson
The Little Book of Life Hacks
Yumi Sakugawa
The Long Reach of the Sixties
Laura Kalman
The Other Side of Impossible
Susannah Meadows
The Radium Girls
Kate Moore
The Story Cure
Dinty Moore
Wolf Nation
Brenda Peterson
Diaper Dude
Chris Pegula
Agent M
Henry Hemming
Be Like the Fox
Erica Benner
Condoleezza Rice
Miracle Cure
William Rosen
No Apparent Distress
Rachel Pearson
China Mieville
One More Warbler
Victor Emanuel
Rising Star
David Garrow
Scars of Independence
Holger Hoock
Spies in the Family
Eva Dillon
The Bolt Supremacy
Richard Moore
The Evolution of Beauty
Richard Prum
The Outer Beach
Robert Finch
The Road to Camelot
Thomas Oliphant
Tuesday's Promise
Luis Montalvan
We Have No Idea
Jorge Cham
Apollo 8
Jeffrey Kluger
Autumn of the Black Snake
William Hogeland
Coach Wooden and Me
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Robert Norris
Rudiger Safranski
Michael Ruhlman
Mental Health Inc
Art Levine
On Edge
Andrea Petersen
Otis Redding
Jonathan Gould
The Flight
Dan Hampton
The Jersey Brothers
Sally Freeman
The Physics of Everyday Things
James Kakalios
The Story You Need to Tell
Sandra Marinella
There's a Mystery There
Jonathan Cott
Wedding Toasts I'll Never Give
Ada Calhoun
A Speck in the Sea
John Aldridge
Steve Casner
Chasing Space
Leland Melvin
In Their Lives
The Best Land Under Heaven
Michael Wallis
Cattle Kingdom
Christopher Knowlton
The Loyal Son
Daniel Epstein
My European Family
Karin Bojs
Adventures in Hexagons
Emily Breclaw
Beyond Trans
Heath Davis
If I Understood You Would I Have This Look On My Face
Alan Alda
The Seeds of Life
Edward Dolnick
The Trial of Adolf Hitler
David King


Children's (5/17)

Listen to My Trumpet! Mo Willems
Shawn Loves Sharks Curtis Manley
Stack the Cats Susie Chahremani
Goldfish Ghost Lemony Snicket
Go Sleep in Your Own Bed! Candane Fleming
If You Ever Want to Bring a Circus to the Library, Don't! Elise Parsley
Up! Up! Up! Skyscraper Anastasia Suen
What's Your Favorite Color? Eric Carle
Real Friends Shannon Hale
Beyond the Bright Sea Lauren Wolk
Daddy Honk Honk! Rosalinde Bonnet
Jabari Jumps Gaia Cornwall
Bad Guy Hannah Barnaby
The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts Avi
Lilly and Fin Cornelia Caroline Funke
A Trio of Tolerable Tales Margaret Eleanor Atwood
The Great Treehouse War Lisa Graff
The Shadow Cipher Laura Ruby

Teens' (5/17)

The Ancient Magus' Bride 5 Kore Yamazaki
The Ancient Magus' Bride 6 Kore Yamazaki
Between Two Skies Joanne O'Sullivan
North of Happy Adi Alsaid
Looking for Group Rory Harrison
The Gray House Mariam Petrosyan
The Darkhouse Barbara Radecki
Spill Zone 1 Scott Westerfeld
The Black Witch Laurie Forest
The Pearl Thief Elizabeth Wein
Noteworthy Riley Redgate
Always and Forever, Lara Jean Jenny Han
The Lines We Cross Randa Abdel-fattah
A Face Like Glass Frances Hardinge
Ramona Blue Julie Murphy
That Thing We Call a Heart Sheba Karim
It's Not Like It's a Secret Misa Sugiura
Grit Gillian French