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Adult Fiction (07/17) 

The Tin God
Chris Nickson
Safe Houses
Dan Fesperman
Stay Hidden
Paul Doiron
The Calculating Stars
Mary Kowal
The Ruin
Dervla McTiernan
A Gathering of Secrets
Linda Castillo
Clock Dance
Anne Tyler
The Good Fight
Danielle Steel
The Romanov Empress
C.W. Gortner
Cottage by the Sea
Debbie Macomber
Double Blind
Iris Johansen
Gods of Wood and Stone
Mark Di Ionno
Kill the Farm Boy
Delilah Dawson
The Girl in the Green Silk Gown
Seanan McGuire
A Noise Downstairs
Linwood Barclay
America for Beginners
Leah Franqui
A Measure of Darkness
Jonathan Kellerman
Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding
Rhys Bowen
Good Luck With That
Kristan Higgins
Sandra Brown
The Money Shot
Stuart Woods
The Prisoner in the Castle
Susan MacNeal
Tiffany Blues
M.J. Rose
Toucan Keep a Secret
Donna Andrews
Texas Ranger
James Patterson


Adult Nonfiction (07/17)

The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking
Lauren Stowell
The Practicing Stoic Ward Farnsworth
Patchwork & Quilting
Gray Divorce
Jocelyn Crowley
A Beginner's Guide to Overlockers, Sergers & Coverlockers
Clementine Lubin
Wild Honey and Rye
Ren Behen
A Court of Refuge
Ginger Lerner-Wren
Great Vegan BBQ Without a Grill
Linda Meyer
Tinkers to Evers to Chance David Rapp
Diana Bass
Feast by Firelight
Emma Frisch
Dinner Illustrated
America's Test Kitchen
George Sand
Martine Reid
Seven Ways of Looking at Pointless Suffering
Scott Samuelson
We Find Ourselves Put to the Test
James Crooks
A Brotherhood of Spies
Monte Reel
From Cold War to Hot Peace
Michael McFaul
R.G. Grant
The Shadow Emperor
Alan Strauss-Schom
Alfredo Corchado
How Hitler Was Made
Cory Taylor
An Explorer's Guide to Julian of Norwich Veronica Rolf
Outside the Jukebox
Scott Bradlee
Heidi Grant
Dead Girls
Alice Bolin
Invisible Countries
Joshua Keating
Andrew Tisch
Before and After Alexander
Richard Billows
Thor Hanson
David Scadden
Happily Ever Esther
Steve Jenkins
Lynn Vincent
The Brink
Marc Ambinder
The Lost Chapters
Leslie Schwartz
The Omega Principle
Paul Greenberg
The Poisoned City
Anna Clark
The Road to Walden
Kevin Dann
The Widower's Notebook
Jonathan Santlofer
The Wonderful Mr. Willughby
Tim Birkhead
Also Human
Caroline Elton
At Least Know This
Guy Harrison
Bad Call
Mike Scardino
Barons of the Sea
Steven Ujifusa
Blood & Ivy
Paul Collins
John Lingan
How to Keep Your Marriage from Sucking
Greg Behrendt
New Dark Age
James Bridle
On the Ganges
George Black
David Sumpter
The King's Assassin
Benjamin Woolley
Ben Goldfarb
Melissa Stephenson
In the Footsteps of King David
Yosef Garfinkel
Jell-O Girls
Allie Rowbottom
The Desert and the Sea
Michael Moore
The Immeasurable World
William Atkins
South Toward Home
Julia Reed
If Your Adolescent Has ADHD
Thomas Power
The Girl on the Balcony
Olivia Hussey
The Strange Case of Dr. Couney
Dawn Raffel
Chesapeake Requiem
Earl Swift
Adam Tooze
Beth Macy
Fly Girls
Keith O'Brien
Reader Come Home
Maryanne Wolf
The Husband Hunters
Anne de Courcy
The Terracotta Warriors
Edward Burman
The World in a Grain
Vince Beiser
Mimi Swartz
Travelers in the Third Reich
Julia Boyd
Laughing at the Devil
Amy Hall


       Children's (8/15)

Ramadan Hannah Eliot
Star Wars Block Lucasfilm
We Don't Eat Our Classmates Ryan T. Higgins
Lena's Shoes Are Nervous Keith Calabrese
Willa of the Wood Robert Beatty
Miss Communication Jennifer L. Holm
Trevor Jim Averbeck
Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo 2 James Parks
Rocket the Brave! Tad Hills
The Griffin's Feather Cornelia Funke
Making Friends Kristen Gudsnuk
Meet Yasmin! Saadia Faruqi
Coding from Scratch Rachel Ziter
A Case for Buffy Nilsson Ulf
The Visitor Antje Damm
A Festival of Ghosts William Alexander
Nowhere Boy Katherine Marsh
The Land of Neverendings Kate Saunders
Spring After Spring Stephanie Roth Sisson

Teens' (8/15)

Pam Mcgaffin The Leaving Year
The Looking Glass Janet McNally
Fresh Ink Lamar Giles
Deadenidia Hamish Steele
This Story is a Lie Tom Pollock
Heretics Anonymous Katie Henry
Copyboy Vince Vawter
If Only Jennifer Gilmore
I am Still Alive Kate Alice Marshall
Spill Zone 2 Scott Westerfeld