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Adult Fiction (08/06) 

Laura Sullivan
Under the Cold Bright Lights
Garry Disher
Supper Club
Lara Williams
The Wind That Lays Waste
Selva Almada
The New Girl
Daniel Silva
The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heap H.G. Parry
The Undertaker's Assistant
Amanda Skenandore
All the Water in the World
Karen Raney
The Dragon Republic
R. F. Kuang
The Escape Room Megan Goldin
Today We Go Home
Kelli Estes
Stuart Woods
Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead
Olga Tokarczuk
The Bitterroots
CJ Box
And Then They Were Doomed
Elizabeth Buzzelli
Dahlia Black
Keith Thomas
Tea Obreht
The Oysterville Sewing Circle Susan Wiggs
The Last Widow
Karin Slaughter
Philippa Gregory
Old Bones
Douglas Preston
The Cold Way Home
Julia Keller
Vanishing in the Haight
Max Tomlinson
A Better Man
Louise Penny
The Ventriloquists
ER Ramzipoor
A Door in the Earth
Amy Waldman
Beirut Hellfire Society
Rawi Hage
Salman Rushdie
The Long Call
Ann Cleeves
Vendetta in Death
JD Robb
Nothing Ventured
Jeffrey Archer
Killer Instinct
James Patterson
Emma Donoghue
The Institute
Stephen King
The Testaments
Margaret Atwood
The Dark Side
Danielle Steel


Adult Nonfiction (08/06)

The Handy Accounting Answer Book
Amber Gray
Icing on the Cake Tessa Huff
Sweet Nature
Beth Dooley
Bullets and Opium
Liao Yiwu
Healthy Habits Suck
Dayna Lee-Baggley
Loving Someone with an Eating Disorder
Dana Harron
The Brink of Being
Julia Bueno
Dapper Dan
Daniel Day
For the Good of the Game Bud Selig
How to Think Strategically
Greg Githens
Neurodiverse Relationships
Joanna Pike
Robert Wilson
Working Daughter
Liz O'Donnell
River of Fire
Helen Prejean
The Last Ocean
Nicci Gerrard
First You Write a Sentence
Joe Moran
Lives Reclaimed
Mark Roseman
Nobody's Victim
Carrie Goldberg
Normal Sucks
Jonathan Mooney
Talk Radio's America
Brian Rosenwald
The Case Against Free Speech
P.E. Moskowitz
The Plateau Maggie Paxson
A Good Provider is One Who Leaves
Jason DeParle
Floating Coast
Bathsheba Demuth
Syria's Secret Library
Mike Thomason
Take it Lying Down
Jim Linnell
The Outlaw Ocean
Ian Urbina
What We Talk About When We Talk About Books
Leah Price
Into the Planet
Jill Heinerth
Cold Warriors
Duncan White
March Sisters
Silver Sword & Stone
Marie Arana
Those Who Wander
Vivian Ho
The Ungrateful Refugee
Dina Nayeri
A Beginner's Guide to Japan
Pico Iyer
About Us
Dearest Lenny
Mari Yoshihara
How To
Randall Munroe
Richard Crawford
The Dog Went Over the Mountain
Peter Zheutlin
The Economists' Hour
Binyamin Appelbaum
The Force
Saul David
The King's War
Mark Logue
The Nature of Life and Death
Patricia Wiltshire
The Wichita Lineman
Dylan Jones
Truth Has a Power of Its Own
Howard Zinn
Richard Askwith
Walking to Jerusalem
Justin Butcher
Walking with Ghosts in Papua New Guinea
Rick Antonson
Searching for Black Confederates
Kevin Levin
Transaction Man
Nicholas Lemann
Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs
Caitlin Doughty
Melvin Konner
Chasing My Cure
David Fajgenbaum
Country Music
Dayton Duncan
For the Love of Men
Liz Plank
If You Lived Here You'd be Home by Now
Christopher Ingraham
Passionate Spirit
Cate Haste
Talking to Strangers
Malcolm Gladwell
The Most Spectacular Restaurant in the World
Tom Roston
The Only Plane in the Sky
Garrett Graff
Thomas Paine and the Clarion Call for America's Independence
Harlow Unger
What They Meant for Evil
Rebecca Deng




C hildren's (8/13)

Shiloh Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
The Complete Chi's Sweet Home 3 Konami Kanata
The Golden Tower Holly Black
Yasmin in Charge Saadia Faruqi
Ginny Goblin Cannot HAve a Monster for a Pet David Goodner
Not If I Can Help It Carolyn Mackler
Even More Lesser Spotted Animals Martin Brown
Each Tiny Spark Pablo Cartaya
How Do You Dance? Thyra Heder
At Home With The Beaver Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Little Smokey Robert Neubecker
Did You Burp? April Pulley Sayre
A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying Kelley Armstrong
Dear Justice League Michael Northrop
Create a Costume! Sarah Myer
Spot & Dot Henry Cole
Stay Bobbie Pyron
Arithmechicks Add Up Ann Marie Stephens
A Slip of a Girl Patricia Reilly Giff

Teens' (8/13)

Eric Kester Gut Check
The Downstairs Girl Stacey Lee
A Crash of Fate Zoraida Cordova
Let's Call It a Doomsday Katie Henry
Ghady & Rawan Fatima Sharafeddine
The Merciful Crow Margaret Owen
The Spaces Between Us Stacia Tolman