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Adult Fiction (11/02) 

Proof of Life
J.A. Jance
The Romanov Ransom
Clive Cussler
This Is How It Begins
Joan Dempsey
Tell Tale
Jeffrey Archer
Conspiracy of Ravens and Malice of Crows
Lila Bowen
Murder in an English Village
Jessica Ellicott
The Overneath
Peter S. Beagle
Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance
Ruth Lang
Dark Deeds
Mike Brooks
End Game
David Baldacci
Future Home of the Living God
Louise Erdirch
Hardcore Twenty-Four
Janet Evanovich
Into the Drowning Deep
Mira Grant
Sleep No More
PD James
The City of Brass
S.A. Chakraborty
The Ghost of Christmas Past
Rhys Bowen
The Library at the Edge of the World
Felicity Hayes-McCoy
The Emerald Circus
Jane Yolen
The People vs Alex Cross
James Patterson
Secrets of Cavendon
Barbara Bradford
The Story of Arthur Truluv
Elizabeth Berg
The Whispering Room
Dean Koontz
Murder in the Lincoln White House
C.M. Gleason
Past Perfect
Danielle Steel
Weave a Circle Round
Kari Maaren
Alive in Shape and Color
Enchantress of Numbers
Jennifer Chiaverini
Insidious Intent
Val McDermid
Conn Iggulden
The Boy
Tami Hoag
The Red Threads of Fortune and The Black Tides of Heaven
J.Y. Yang
Let Darkness Bury the Dead
Maureen Jennings
Power and Empire
Marc Cameron


Adult Nonfiction (11/02)

The Enigma of the Owl
Mike Unwin
Through Darkness to Light Jeanine Michna-Bales
How to be Married
Jo Piazza
Journal Sparks
Emily Neuburger
Looking Backward
Michael Lesy
Art on the Rocks
F. Bac
The Ring of Truth
Wendy Doniger
A Bag Worth a Pony
Marcia Anderson
50 Years of Rolling Stone
Jewelry Making with Resin
Theresa Abelew
Raised Embroidery
Kelley Aldridge
DIY Temporary Tattoo Art
K.L. Cao
Suzanne Lenzer
How Do I Explain This to My Kids
Ava Siegler
The Big Awesome Book of Hand & Chalk Lettering
Dina Rodriguez
Mastering Wirework Jewelry
Rachel Norris
Why Buddhism is True
Robert Wright
Sew Advent Calendars
Debbie Shore
How Not to Kill Your Houseplant
Veronica Peerless
A Sideways Look at Clouds
Maria Ruth
Playful Painting
Faye Moorhouse
If You're Bored With Your Camera Read This Book
Demetrius Fordham
City Farmhouse Style
Kim Leggett
Embroider Your Life
Nathalie Mornu
Hiking Naked
Iris Graville
Homemade Holiday
Sophie Pester
Sweet & Simple Needled Felted Animals
Sachiko Susa
The People Are Going to Rise Like the Waters Upon Your Shore
Jared Sexton
Vintage Saints and Sinners
Karen Marsh
Ernest Haycox and the Western
Richard Etulain
Creating Great Choices
Jenniger Riel
Empress of the East
Leslie Peirce
Making Sense of the Alt-Right
George Hawley
The Monastery and the Microscope
Bunny Mellon
Meryl Gordon
Mini Felt Christmas
Sachiyo Ishii
His Other Life
Melanie McCabe
Mary Jane's Ghost
Ted Gregory
Simply Stitched with Applique
Yumiko Higuchi
The Language of Cities
Seyan Sudjic
Walter Harper
Mary Ehrlander
Night Call
Robert Wicks
Kitchen Lithography
Laura Hantke
Niki Brantmark
Rival Power
Dimitar Bechev
Scalia Speaks
Antonin Scalia
Jim Ross
The Chicago Cubs
Rich Cohen
Reading Austen in America
Juliette Wells
Barbara Mitchell
Black Dahlia, Red Rose
Piu Eatwell
Master Your Diabetes
Mona Morstein
Vivan Maier
Pamela Bannos
Find the Fire
Scott Mautz
Stuart Blume
Be Fierce
Gretchen Carlson
Fire on the Track
Roseanne Montillo
Mrs. Oswald Chambers
Michelle Ule
Reckless Daughter
David Yaffe
Ask an Astronaut
Tim Peake
Earn It
Michael Wetter
Inside Camp David
Michael Giorgione
Abbas Amanat
Life's Last Gift
Charles Garfield
The Burr Conspiracy
James Lewis Jr.
The Storm Before the Storm
Mike Duncan
The Way It Was
Eliot Weisman
Who Will Take Care of Me When I'm Old
Joy Loverde
Cass Sunstein
Jed Perl
Design Your Own Crochet Projects Sara Delaney
In Pursuit of Memory
Joseph Jebelli
Nine Lessons I Learned From My Father
Murray Howe
Our Year of War
Daniel Bolger
Rogues' Gallery
Philip Hook
The Animals Among Us
John Bradshaw
Total Cat Mojo
Jackson Galaxy
Anxiety Relief for Kids
Bridget Walker
Red at Heart
Elizabeth McGuire
Kristen Feemster
Karen Duffy
Becoming Hitler
Thomas Weber
Nicholas Blincoe
Nitsana Darshan-Leitner
Inheriting the War
Island of the Blue Foxes
Stephen Bown
Mousy Cats and Sheepish Coyotes
John Shivik
Nobuyuki Matsuhisa
Paradise in Chains
Diana Preston
Radical Happiness
Lynne Segal
Radical Origins
Azeem Ibrahim
Juli Berwald
Daniel Siemens
The Archipelago of Hope
Gleb Raygorodetsky
The Ascent of Gravity
Marcus Chown
The Inner Life of Animals
Peter Wohlleben
The Last Girl
Nadia Murad
When the World Seemed New
Jeffrey Engel
A World Without Whom
Emmy Favilla
Battleship Yamato
Jan Morris
Black Tudors
Miranda Kaufmann
Kevin Young
Chronicles of a Liquid Society
Umberto Eco
Counting Backwards
Henry Przybylo
Bonnie Morales
Madison Park
Eric Motley
Queen Victoria's Matchmaking
Deborah Cadbury
Meg Jay
The Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah
Adam Levinson
The Extra Woman
Joanna Scutts
The Gifted Generation
David Goldfield
The Last Sheriff in Texas
James McCollom
The Newcomers
Helen Thorpe
The Telescope in the Ice
Mark Bowen
This is the Place
Translation as Transhumance
Mireille Gansel
Twilight of Empire
Greg King
War in 140 Characters
David Patrikarakos
Where the Wild Coffee Grows
Jeff Koehler
Who Can You Trust
Rachel Botsman
Prescription for the People
Fran Quigley
Hellfire Boys
Theo Emery
Becoming an Ally to the Gender-Expansive Child
Anna Bianchi
Cartoon Country
Cullen Murphy
Catherine Carver
Prairie Fires
Caroline Fraser
Ramp Hollow
Steven Stoll
The Last Republicans
Mark Updegrove
Arthur Herman
How to Speak Chicken
Melissa Caughey
Reading the Rocks
Brenda Maddox
Boko Haram
Alexander Thurston
Kate Cole-Adams
Caesar's Footprints
Bijan Omrani
Improv Nation
Sam Wasson
No Time to Spare
Ursula Le Guin
Should the Tent be Burning Like That?
Bill Heavey
The Doomsday Machine
Daniel Ellsberg
The Last Draft
Sandra Scofield
The Last Man Who Knew Everything
David Schwartz


Children's (11/10)

Bone 1 Jeff Smith
Hurricane Katrina, 2005 Lauren Tarshis
I survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941 Lauren Tarshis
Long road to Freedom Kate Messner
Race to the South Pole Kate Messner
A Journey Through Transportation Tom Jackson
Wonder R.J. Palacio
The Lumberjack's Beard Duncan Beedie
Santa Rex Molly Idle
Phoebe and Her Unicorn in the Magic Storm Dana Simpson
Small Walt Elizabeth Verdick
Have a Sword, Will Travel Garth Nix
The Getaway Jeff Kinney
Betty's Burgled Bakery Travis Nichols
Not So Different Shane Burcaw
The Doldrums and the Helmsley Curse Nicholas Gannon
No More Tantrums Maria van Lieshout
Pinocchio Rex and Other Tyrannosaurs Melissa Stewart
This Chicken is a T-Rex! Roman Garcia Mora
I Won't Eat That Christopher Silas Neal
His Royal Whiskers Sam Gayton


Teens' (11/10)

Because I was a Girl Melissa De La Cruz
Uncanny Sarah Fine
Escape from Syria Samya Kullab
A Skinful of Shadows Frances Hardinge
Piper Jay Asher
Devils Within S.F. Henson
The Ocean in My Ears Meagan Macvie
Being Fishkill Ruth Lehrer
The Big Lie Julie Mayhew
As the Crow Flies Melanie Gillman