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Adult Fiction (02/07) 

Frankenstein in Baghdad
Ahmed Saadawi
The House of Impossible Beauties
Joseph Cassara
The Which Way Tree
Elizabeth Crook
Things to Do When It's Raining
Marissa Stapley
Gunpowder Moon
David Pedreira
Night Moves
Jonathan Kellerman
John Lescroart
The Driest Season
Meghan Kenny
The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore
Kim Fu
Death of an Honest Man
MC Beaton
Summer Hours at the Robbers Library
Sun Halpern
The Bad Daughter
Joy Fielding
The Hush
John Hart
Who the Bishop Knows
Vanessa Chapman
As You Wish
Jude Deveraux
Bloody Scotland
Foreign Bodies
Guardian Angels and Other Monsters
Daniel Wilson
The Third Victim
Phillip Margolin
Under the Shadows
Gwen Florio


Adult Nonfiction (02/07)

The Phoenix Years
Madeleine O'Dea
The Right - and Wrong - Stuff Carter Cast
Infinite Hope
Anthony Graves
Caring for Autism
Michael Ellis
North on the Wing
Bruce Beehler
The Killing Season
Geoffrey Robinson
The King's City
Don Jordan
The Kings of Big Spring
Bryan Mealer
We Face the Dawn
Margaret Edds
A History of Judaism
Martin Goodman
A Wilder Time
William Glassley
Roma Agrawal
John Dufresne
Martie Haselton
How to Fix a Broken Heart
Guy Winch
Leftover in China
Roseann Lake
Melissa Schilling
Richard Potter
John Hodgson
That's What She Said
Joanne Lipman
The Marshall Plan
Benn Steil
The Self-Driven Child
William Stixrud
The Triumph of Christianity Bart Ehrman
Too Afraid to Cry
Ali Eckermann
Wallis in Love
Andrew Morton
Frederick Douglass
DH Dilbeck
The Way of Being Lost
Victoria Price
Raven Walks Around the World
Thom Henley
Close Encounters With Humankind
Sang-Hee Lee
Dressed Up for a Riot
Michael Idov
Tara Westover
Everything You Love Will Burn
Vegas Tenold
In the Enemy's House
Howard Blum
Limits of the Known
David Roberts
Mommy Burnout
Sheryl Ziegler
Political Tribes
Amy Chua
The Food Explorer
Daniel Stone
The Watergate
Joseph Rodota
What Are We Doing Here
Marilynne Robinson
Without Precedent
Joel Paul
Astrid Lindgren
Jens Andersen
Joshua Freeman
Mark Hyman
My Father's Wake
Kevin Toolis
One Goal
Amy Bass
N.T. Wright
Renoir's Dancer
Catherine Hewitt
The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist
Radley Balko
We the Corporations
Adam Winkler
12 Rounds in Lo's Gym
Todd Snyder
The Left Behind
Robert Wuthnow
The People vs. Democracy
Yascha Mounk
Agatha Christie
Laura Thompson
Dancing Bears
Witold Szablowski
Second Wind
Nathaniel Philbrick
St. Petersburg
Jonathan Miles
The Evolved Eater
Nick Taranto
The Family Medici
Mary Hollingsworth
The Infernal Library
Daniel Kalder
The Kevin Show
Mary Pilon
The Woman's Hour
Elaine Weiss
Unconditional Love
Jane Isay
Walking the Americas
Levison Wood


 Children's (2/17)

Bailey's Story Bruce W. Cameron
Molly's Story Bruce W. Cameron
The Littlest Viking Alexandra Penfold
Hope in the Holler Lisa Lewis Tyre
The Digger and the Flower Joseph Kuefler
Mighty Tug Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Floaty John Himmelman
15 Things Not to Do With a Puppy Margaret McAllister
How to Build a Leprechaun Trap Larissa Juliano
The Journey of Little Charlie Christopher Paul Curtis
I Am a Cat Galia Bernstein
Grace for Gus Harry Bliss
This is it Daria Peoples-Riley
A Couch for Llama Leah Gilbert
Be Kind Pat Zietlow Miller
Best Buds Under Frogs Leslie Patricelli
The Ambrose Deception Emily Ecton
Hello, Universe Erin Entrada Kelly

Teens' (2/17)

Love 4 Frederic Brremaud
A Land of Permanent Goodbyes Atia Abawi
The Defiant Lesley Livingston
The Hazel Wood Melissa Albert
The Dangerous Art of Blending In Angelo Surmelis
Reign the Earth A. C. Gaughen
Theis Is Not a Love Letter Kim Purcell
When My Heart Joins the Thousand A. J. Steiger
Your One & Only Adrianne Finlay
The Book of Pearl Timothee De Fombelle
Down and Across Arvin Ahmadi
The Belles Dhonielle Clayton
Americanized Sara Saedi
The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza Shaun David Hutchinson
Checked Cynthia Kadohata
American Panda Gloria Chao
When Light Left Us Leah Thomas
The Prince and the Dressmaker Jen Wang