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Adult Fiction (03/05) 

Fire & Blood
George RR Martin
All the Lives We Never Lived
Anuradha Roy
Verses for the Dead
Douglas Preston
A Dog Called Jack
Ivy Pembroke
Elizabeth McCracken
The Lost Man Jane Harper
The Victory Garden
Rhys Bowen
The Last Woman in the Forest
Diane Les Becquets
The Quintland Sisters
Shelley Wood
The Reign of the Kingfisher T.J. Martinson
The Wolf and the Watchman
Niklas Natt och Dag
Grace After Henry
Eithne Shortall
The Bird King
G. Willow Wilson
The Night Swimmers
Peter Rock
The Selected Works of Abdullah the Cossack
H.M. Naqvi
Wolf Pack
CJ Box
Trouble on the Books
Essie Lang
Celtic Empire Clive Cussler
In Another Time
Jillian Cantor
The Fifth Doctrine
Karen Robards
Waiting for Bojangles
Olivier Bourdeaut
The Cornwalls Are Gone
James Patterson
A Memory Called Empire
Arkady Martine
Blood Oath
Linda Fairstein
Chronicles of a Radical Hag (With Recipes)
Lorna Landvik
Dark Tribute
Iris Johansen
I Am Watching
Emma Kavanagh
The American Agent
Jaqueline Winspear
The Last Second
Catherine Coulter
Kwame Dawes
Miss Julia Takes the Wheel
Ann Ross
Who Slays the Wicked
C.S. Harris
Someone Knows
Lisa Scottoline
The Boy on the Bridge
M.R. Carey
One Way
S.J. Morden


Adult Nonfiction (03/05)

Act Natural
Jennifer Traig
Inheritance Dani Shapiro
Jane Brox
Dreyer's English
Benjamin Dreyer
The Inspired Houseplant
Jen Stearns
Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader
Mark Lesser
Soar, Adam, Soar
Rick Prashaw
Robert Goodwin
Madame Fourcade's Secret War
Lynne Olson
Real Queer America
Samantha Allen
Matteo Pistono
Skeleton Keys
Brian Switek
Ten Drugs
Thomas Hager
This Chair Rocks
Ashton Applewhite
Dan Pedersen
Ray Bolger
Holly Van Leuven
Holy Envy
Barbara Taylor
How to Know the Birds
Ted Floyd
In Miniature
Simon Garfield
Love Your Enemies
Arthur Brooks
Sea People
Christina Thompson
Soldier Sailor Frogman Spy Airman Gangster Kill or Die Giles Milton
The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Bookss
Edward Wilson-Lee
The Sun is a Compass
Caroline Van Hemert
The Trial of Lizzie Borden
Cara Robertson
When the Irish Invaded Canada
Christopher Klein
Call it Grace
Serene Jones
Far Country
Franco Moretti
Even Thomas
How to be a Patient
Sana Goldberg
Nobody's Fool
Bill Griffith
Occasional Magic
The Agitator
Peter Duffy
The Lost Gutenberg
Margaret Davis
Barry Lopez
Wherever the Sound Takes You
David Rowell
Jennifer Ebenhardt
Nicholas Christakis
Chaucer's People
Liza Picard
Gray Day
Eric O'Neill
How Safe Are We?
Janet Napolitano
Murder by the Book
Claire Harman
Sprout Lands
William Logan
The Club
Leo Damrosch
We the Resistance
A Crisis Wasted
Reed Hundt
A Season on the Wind
Kenn Kaufman
American Spirit
Taya Kyle
Dementia Reimagined
Tia Powell
Fifty Things That Aren't My Fault
Cathy Guisewite
I'm Writing You from Tehran
Delphine Minoui
Tyler Kepner
Lessons from Lucy
Dave Barry
Maybe You Should Talk to Someone
Lori Gottlieb
Meander Spiral Explode
Jane Alison
Mother is a Verb
Sarah Knott
Native Country of the Heart
Cherrie Moraga
Nature Play at Home
Nancy Striniste
Robert O'Connell
Shakespeare's Library
Stuart Kells
Solito, Solita
The Cost of These Dreams
Wright Thompson
The Honey Bus
Meredith May
The League of Wives
Heath Lee
The Lost Boys
Gina Perry
The Unwanted
Michael Dobbs
To Stop a Warlord
Shannon Davis
What Blest Genius
Andrew Stott
A Woman of No Importance
Sonia Purnell
Accidental Presidents
Jared Cohen
Marion Turner
Matt Lee
The Five
Hallie Rubenhold
The Dinosaur Artist
Paige Williams
Harvey Sachs
Rory Muir



  C hildren's (3/13)

Yasmin the Fashionista Saadia Faruqi
Chula the Fox Anthony Perry
The Frog Book Steve Jenkins
Pup 681 Jean Reidy
Sasha and Puck and the Potion of Luck Daniel Nayeri
Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug Jonathan Stutzman
Big Ideas That Changed the World 1 Don Brown
When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree Jamie L. B. Deenihan
The Nature Girls Aki
Circle Mac Barnett
The Quiet Boat Ride and Other Stories Sergio Ruzzier
Side by Side Chris Raschka
Beware of the Crocodile Martin Jenkins
One Is a Pinata Roseanne Greenfield Thong
Baby's First Bank Heist Jim Whalley
Wildheart Julie Bertagna

Teens' (3/13)

Vitor Cafaggi Vincent
Beware the Night Jessika Fleck
The Waking Forest Alyssa Wees
Shout Laurie Halse Anderson
Heroine Mindy McGinnis
Kiss Number 8 Colleen Venable
Barely Missing Everything Matt Mendez
Superman Matt de la Pena
Dealing in Dreams Lilliam Rivera
Lovely War Julie Berry
The Everlasting Rose Dhonieele Clayton
Surviving the City Tasha Spillett
The Beauty of the Moment Tanaz Bhathena
Four Dead Queens Astrid Scholte
The Weight of a Thousand Feathers Brian Conaghan
Mike Andrew Norriss