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Adult Fiction (02/12) 

Crooked River
Douglas Preston
One Day You'll Burn
Joseph Schneider
The Convert
Stefan Hertmans
The Fifth Avenue Story Society Rachel Hauck
Upright Women Wanted
Sarah Gailey
Above the Bay of Angels Rhy Bowen
Eden Mine
S.M. Hulse
Love Unscripted
Owen Nicholls
Mercy House
Alena Dillon
My Part of Her Javad Djavahery
Shuggie Bain
Douglas Stuart
Sisters by Choice
Susan Mallery
CJ Polk
The Bear
Andrew Krivak
The Chill
Scott Carson
The King at the Edge of the World
Arthur Phillips
The Mercies
Kiran Hargrave
The Only Child Mi-ae Seo
The Unspoken Name
AK Larkwood
Untamed Shore
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Garden by the Sea
Merce Rodoreda
Photos of You
Tammy Robinson
The Dark Corners of the Night
Meg Gardiner
The Holdout
Graham Moore
The Lost Future of Pepperharrow
Natasha Pulley
Recipe for a Perfect Wife Karma Brown
James Patterson
Colum McCann
Coconut Layer Caker Murder
Joanne Fluke
Pretty as a Picture
Elizabeth Little
The Big Lie
James Grippando
The Girl in White Gloves
Kerri Maher
The King's Justice
Susan MacNeal
The Crow's Call
Wanda Brunstetter
Deacon King Kong
James MacBride
Long Range
CJ Box
The Land Beyond the Sea
Sharon Penman
The Night Watchman
Louise Erdrich
We Ride Upon Sticks
Quan Barry
Journey of the Pharoahs
Clive Cussler
The Mirror and the Light
Hilary Mantel
Golden in Death
JD Robb
The Numbers Game
Danielle Steel
Stuart Woods


Adult Nonfiction (02/12)

Sous Vide
Hugh Acheson
Peculiar Questions and Practical Answers Various
Desmond Morris
Fix It With Food
Michael Symon
Information Hunters
Kathy Peiss
Rosa Parks
Susan Reyburn
What Science Tells Us About Autism Spectrum Disorder
Raphael Bernier
Edge Laura Huang
Me and White Supremacy Layla Saad
My Autobiography of Carson McCullers
Jean Shapland
Author in Chief
Craig Fehrman
Decoding Boys Cara Natterson
Franklin & Washington
Edward Larson
Patrick Boucheron
The Falcon Thief
Joshua Hammer
The Second Chance Club
Jason Hardy
The Three-Cornered War
Megan Nelson
Jeffrey Wasserstorm
Washington's End
Jonathan Horn
Broken Faith Mitch Weiss
Citizen Reporters
Stephanie Gorton
Congress at War Fergus Bordewich
Philip Kennicott
Dark Towers
David Enrich
Fighting for Space
Amy Teitel
In Search of Meadowlarks
John Marzluff
Operation Chastise
Max Hastings
Screening Reality
Jon Wilkman
Shadow on the Mountain
Shaker Jeffrey
The Adventurer's Son
Roman Dial
The Boston Massacre
Serena Zabin
The World Beneath Their Feet
Scott Ellsworth
Try to Get Lost
Joan Frank
Until the End of Time
Brian Greene
White Feathers
Bernd Heinrich
Being Heumann
Judith Heumann
Steven Levy
Short Life in a Strange World
Toby Ferris
The Dance of Life
Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz
The Splendid and the Vile
Erik Larson
The Storm Before the Calm
George Friedman
The Unexpected Spy
Tracy Walder
The Watergate Girl
Jill Wine-Banks
Yellow Bird
Sierra Murdoch
A Drop of Midnight
Jason Diakite
The Better Angels
Robert Plumb
Sara Azari
Wait I'm the Boss
Peter Economy
82 Days on Okinawa
Art Shaw
All This Marvelous Potential
Matthew Algeo
Gabriel Reynolds
Amazon Woman
Darcy Gaechter
Amanda Leduc
Disunited Nations
Peter Zeihan
Dorothy Day
John Loughery
Every Drop of Blood
Edward Achorn
David Farrier
Frida in America
Celia Stahr
How to Eat
Mark Bittman
John Adams Under Fire
Dan Abrams
Land of Wondrous Cold
Gillen Wood
Leading with Gratitude
Adrian Gostick
Legendary Children
Tom Fitzgerald
Rebel Cinderella
Adam Hochschild
Run to the Finish
Amanda Brooks
Mark Kurlansky
Somebody's Gotta Do It
Adrienne Martini
Spirit Run
Noe Alvarez
The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas Illustrated
Gertrude Stein
The Catalyst
Jonah Berger
The Milkman's Son
Randy Lindsay
The Rumi Prescription
Melody Moezzi
Tower of Skulls
Richard Frank
Dan Heath
Voyage of Mercy
Stephen Puleo
War Doctor
David Nott
What Stars Are Made Of
Donovan Moore
Pain Studies
Lisa Olstein
American Birds
At the Center of All Beauty
Fenton Johnson
Into the Abyss
Anthony David
Shakespeare in a Divided America
James Shapiro
The Death of Sitting Bear
N. Scott Momaday
The Hot Hand
Ben Cohen
The Hunt for History
Nathan Raab
The Science of Storytelling
Will Storr
Zazie Todd
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Sean Dietrich
Young Heroes of the Soviet Union
Alex Halberstadt
Jack Lucas
Without a Prayer
Susan Ashline








C h ildren's (2/18)

The Bad Guys in Intergalactic Gas Aaron Blabey
The Best of Iggy Annie Barrows
The Good Hawk Joseph Elliott
Rory Branagan Detective Andrew Clover
When You Trap a Tiger Tae Keller
Welcoming Elijah Leslea Newman
Middle School Bites Steven Banks
No More Naps! Chris Grabenstein
Snapdragon Kat Leyh
Old Rock is Not Boring Deb Pilutti
Snail Crossing Corey R. Tabor
The Girl Who Spoke to the Moon Land Wilson
The Magnificent Monsters of Cedar Street Lauren Oliver
Facts Vs. Opinions Vs. Robots Michael Rex
Ducks! Deborah Underwood
Dandelion's Dream Yoko Tanaka
Batman Tales Once upon a Crime Derek Fridolfs
Glad, Glad Bear! Kimberly Gee
Birdie and Me M. M. J. Nuanez

Teens' (2/18)

What I Carry Jennifer Longo
Not So Pure and SImple Lamar Giles
The Iron Will of Genie Lo F. C. Yee
Fights Joel Christian Gill
Found Joseph Bruchac
Almost American Girl Robin Ha
Blood Countess Lana Popovic
Shadow of the Batgirl Sarah Kuhn
The New David Espinoza Fred Aceves
Heart of Flames Nicki Pau Preto
The Upside of Falling Alex Light
Banned Book Club Kim Hyun Sook