Eclipse 2017

For those of you who could not get in the path of the eclipse, Jason Grinstead, a north country local, was kind enough to take these pictures and allow us to share them with you. Thank you so much Jason! 


To see more photos and learn a bit about what is happening click Read More...

Jason also included the following blurb:

"Okay, PSA time. I know, it's not fun if it's educational, but bear with me. The faint aura we were able to see today around the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon today is called the Corona. It is an aura of plasma that surrounds a star, extending millions of kilometers into space. The Sun's corona is most easily visible during a total eclipse, because it's a million times fainter than the main body of the sun itself, and only responsible for a tiny fraction of the light Sol gives off."

To find out more about the eclipse you can go to NASA's webpage by clicking here.