Find Sophie Rock, get a prize!

Sophie Rock (not the actual turtle) was hiding in the Ogdensburg Public Library during National Library Week.  Children who found and brought Sophie Rock (parental help optional) to the front desk got a special prize.  

*Note: Do not take Sophie turtle out of her enclosure, you will be in trouble.

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Austin Girard was the first to find Sophie Rock. She has snuck away and hidden herself again for the next child to find. She'll be sneaking around all week (April 9-14th), so feel free to come in and look for her. Prizes at the Circulation desk.

Sophie Rock was found again! She thinks she's going to have to find a better place to hide down in the Children's Room.

Sophie Rock was bot sneaky enough! She's gone back down to the Children's Room to find a different place!
And foiled again! Sophie Rock says you are all too good for her to hide away!
Sophie Rock hid way too well for a few days, but today, April 12th, her luck ran out!  Austin found her hiding under the magazine rack!
Then before she knew it she was back upstairs in the arms of these two brothers!
On Saturday, Sophie Rock was found again!