Census 2020

Did you know that the census is so important it is mandated by the U.S. Constitution? We’re partnering with the @USCensusBureau to make sure every person living in the U.S. gets counted in the #2020Census! Fill out your Census now at 2020census.gov.
We’re proud to be partnering with the US Census Bureau to help spread the word about the #2020Census! Fill out your census now at 2020census.gov.

The #2020Census can shape the future of our community. Visit 2020census.gov to learn how, and make sure to count every young child living in your household to ensure they get the resources they need.  You and your family count!  Respond now at 2020Census.gov!
The 2020 Census will inform decisions about funding for fire departments and other emergency services that save lives every day. Learn more about how the #2020Census and fill out your census response at 2020census.gov.  A complete count will help shape our community.  Respond now!