Books and coffee: Library Week in Ogdensburg

Ogdensburg Public Library. Photo: Melissa Callaert

You may have noticed some change at the Ogdensburg Public Library last week. The building was slowly transforming. Two large butterflies and a banner invited guests to the celebration of National Library Week.

For this week the library has organized activities related the theme "Transformation." Celebrations started with a crafty afternoon on Monday and will end with a free yoga session on Friday. Visitors can ignore the food-and-drinks-are-not-allowed sign because St. Lawrence Valley Roasters will do daily coffee tastings.

Penny Kerfien, Photo: Melissa Callaert
Penny Kerfien, Photo: Melissa Callaert

Penny Kerfien, director of the library said there are many things going on. "We have a treasure hunt which you can do all day long, a coffee tasting and some planned activities like gardening, crafting and yoga. All of them are part of the "transformation" theme because you transform something."

Besides the coffee tasting, the library also offers a book tasting. Multiple books are packed in a brown coffee bag with only a "sip" of each book provided. 

Libary Week is the perfect time to promote the use of the library. Ogdensburg Public Library receives most of their funding from the city of Ogdensburg. Penny Kerfien said they have to look for more funding options in the future, because the city is struggling financially.

She still believes in a future for the library. Every day they see many people in the library using the services, such as internet and books. "Many people come here to use the computer, because they do not have own one at home. But also books and movies are doing good." The library adds new members each year, which proves that people do have an interest in the library. "We added I think 300 new members last year,"  Kerfien siad.

The Governor, the Assembly and the Senate have agreed upon a state budget that includes increases for libraries. State library aid was raised $4 million and state library construction aid increased from $14 million to $19 million. As a result, libraries will be able to fund more grants.


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